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ACCURATEWT | Successful Conclusion Of The Jiangsu Province Metrology Expert Group Visit!

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To understand the comprehensive strength of weighing enterprises in Jiangsu Province and to exchange and learn about cutting-edge technology, experts from various metrology institutes in Jiangsu Province organized a visit to our company on November 17th.

Led by Dr. Wang Haitao of the provincial academy, over 80 provincial and municipal experts participated in this event. Our company boasts high-quality products, an advanced production system both domestically and internationally, a top-tier R&D team, and mature technology, all dedicated to providing thoughtful service to our customers. Our strong technical capabilities were a key reason for this visit.

The primary purpose of this activity was to facilitate learning and exchange. On this basis, our company delved deeply into the immediate needs in the field of metrology, aiming to tailor more professional and mature mechanical programs.  At the same time to further expand the influence of enterprises, enhance the brand image!

On the day of the visit, Mr. Yu Jianzhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, warmly welcomed the visiting experts and served as their guide. He led them through the calibration laboratory, automatic testing equipment laboratory, large mass ladle product laboratory, production equipment areas, standard weights display, and other functional areas. He also showcased our advanced, open, and creative corporate environment, which received unanimous praise.

During the visit, Mr. Yu and our senior technical consultants introduced   the various product details to the expert group, patiently answered their  questions, and demonstrated the use of the equipment on-site.           To facilitate understanding, they guided the experts in experiencing the actual operations firsthand. Experts were seen leaning over to observe details and whispering to each other, creating a well-ordered scene with a vibrant atmosphere of discussion.

Adhering to the concept of quality, customer first, in order to optimize   the experience of this activity, our company has prepared an exquisite teabreak for the expert group to rest and taste.

Each visitor was presented with small gifts embodying the image of ACCURATE WEIGHT, along with heartfelt wishes. With that, the half-day "Changzhou ACCURATE  WEIGHT Co.Ltd visit" concluded successfully! We deeply  appreciate your participation in the expert group and the valuable suggestions you provided. ACCURATE WEIGHT is committed to meeting expectations and establishing new standards. We eagerly await your next visit!

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