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ACCURATE | Brand Open Day

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At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. 2024 January 19, CHANGZHOU ACCURATE WEIGHT Co., Ltd. held a grand brand opening day activity in response to the appeal of all parties. Through seminars, factory tours, and interactive lab demonstrations, the event showed the outstanding achievements of product optimization, facility upgrading, and technical innovation in recent years.

Leaders from Troemner & Ohaus headquarter and directors of famous Spanish scale brands visited our company successively.

"Intelligent Mechanics Laboratory Solution Provider", a high-tech enterprise ACCURATE adhering to the core value of "Make Weighing More Accurate - Make Detection Easier", ACCURATE is committed to providing better mechanics services.

Re-improvement of the factory environment

Our company upgraded the hardware facilities in the factory again to ensure the good working condition of the staff and at the same time try our best to provide a comfortable visiting experience for the visiting customers.

2024 ACCURATE Weighing Brand Open Day Event

Enterprise promotion and academic exchange

Ms. Tang Wei, Sales Director of ACCURATE Weight, together with colleagues from the sales department, answered customers' questions and exchanged academics.

Laboratory Tour

Mr. Yu Jianzhong, the general manager of the company, personally led the visitors to visit the equipment in the laboratory, demonstrated how to use it, analyzed the design principle in depth, and encouraged the practical operation.Our company designs and produces more than ten automated/semi-automated high-tech products such as weights quality checking robots, weights magnetization rate checking robots, large mass weights checking equipment, platform scale checking equipment, etc., which make the weights or platform scale checking more accurate, more convenient and more intelligent!

Factory Tour

CHANGZHOU ACCURATE WEIGHT CO.,Ltd. contains ACCURATE Weighing, Measurement Automation Division, Li Measurement, Ladle Weights Factory, 5 companies and 12 departments, totaling more than 100 people. With more than 30 sets of CNC equipment, more than 20 sets of polishing equipment, drilling machines, milling machines, UV brand printing machines, etc., the production strength is strong and second to none in China. The annual output of standard weights is more than 1 million, and the annual sales of stainless steel locking type is more than 2,000 tons. Large mass weights, cast iron weights, due to better quality, more cost-effective, attracted a large number of loyal fans!

Contact us to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your weights
Changzhou ACCURATE WEIGHT Co., Ltd. is an integrated industry and trade enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and manufacture of middle and high-end weights.

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