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OEM & ODM Customized Services

As an industrial and trade enterprise with many years of R&D and production experience, ACCURATE WEIGHT supports OEM and ODM customization service. You can submit your demand plan to us, and we will produce products according to your needs.

About The OEM Customization Process

In general, OEM customization is mainly used for standard weights customization, including products, packaging, labels, and other content, routinely, ODM customization will require more time than conventional procurement, and the specific work hours need to be determined according to your needs.

OEM Customization Process

About The ODM Customization Process

For ODM customization, we also provide matching support services, ACCURATE WEIGHT has over 30 equipments about the scales and weights calibration , for your needs, we will customize a set of solutions for you!

ODM Customization Process

Contact us to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your weights
Changzhou ACCURATE WEIGHT Co., Ltd. is an integrated industry and trade enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and manufacture of middle and high-end weights.

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